achievement-18134_1280The start of a new year is always an exciting time. The business world is a fast paced one and things are always changing and evolving, but not always in the way you'd expect. In a world that is as vast and complex as the world of business it is impossible to say exactly what is going to happen, it's part of the fun, but there are those who are constantly watching the shifting sands and have developed a keen eye for spotting emerging trends and opportunities, as well as potential threats and major game-changers.

Now that they've had several weeks to study the direction that 2015 seems to be headed, the experts have put forward their hypotheses and all that's left is to see which are correct. At Pens Unlimited we're always looking to get in on the action, which is why we've put together our very own list of 7 Business Predictions for 2015 From Across The Industry.

#1 – Greater Mechanisation Of Skilled Work

Forbes predicts that by 2018 the total ownership cost for business operations will be reduced by up to a third due to the emergence and mass-commercialisation of 'smart machines'. Whilst mechanisation is nothing new, it has only been recently that practical technology which allows machines to perform intellectual work and make decisions has become available.

2015 will be the year in which we begin to see these machines enter into the workplace, but that's not necessarily bad news. Though these machines will undoubtedly take jobs away, they will also introduce new jobs, as they will still need to be monitored, serviced and directed by human beings.


#2 – Reduced Cost Of Clean Energy

Though the benefits of clean energy are undeniable, the cost of their installation and upkeep in terms of time and money has always been off-putting to some. This year however things are set to change.

According to Deutsche Bank, 2015 will be the year that the cost of energy produced by solar panels will become lower than that of coal or oil generated power in the U.S. This will make solar energy a far more attractive prospect to many individuals and businesses, and will signify the beginning of a real worldwide conversion to clear sources of energy.

#3 – Apple Will Release It's Next Big (As In HUGE) Thing

BGR, a leading technology mobile and online technology news website, predict that 2015 will see the Apple shares sharply rise as the highly anticipated Apple Watch comes onto the market. Experts have predicted that the new Smartwatch will see sales of 30 million units, but went on to state that considering the iPhone5 alone is owned by 315 million people, the sales figure of 30 million is a very conservative estimate.

#4 – Standard Same-Day Delivery

These days we expect an option for next day delivery from major online retailers like Amazon and eBay, but by the end of 2015 Amaze (a renowned digital marketing and consultant company) and various others across the technology and logistics industries are predicting that Same-Day delivery will become increasing available and at a lower cost.

Some are even suggesting that this service could not only involve a courier delivering goods to your home or office, but wherever you might be! So long as you let them know of course.

#5 – Risk Of Another Global Recession

Though many are saying this is unlikely, we think it is better to know about it and be prepared for the possibility. We're still on our way out of the last recession, but David Levy from the Jerome Lavy Forecasting Centre predicts that China could be facing a 'Debt Crisis', which will have a knock on effect that will negatively impact the European and U.S economies. Like we said, many economics suspect that this will not happen, but as the old adage goes: hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

#6 – New Leaders in Smartphone TechnologySamsung has been the number one seller of smartphones in China for several years, but last year it was pushed down to number two by another manufacturer named 'Xiaomi', who sell their smartphones at barely-above cost price. Fortune Magazine predicts that this may see the rise of other smartphone manufacturers who use price as a means of competing against Samsung and Apple, resulting in a worldwide shake up of the Smartphone technology market.

#7 – 2015 Will Be Better Than 2014

This is really what all of us want to know isn't it? How will 2015 shape up compared to the year just gone? Well according to Bloomberg 2015 will see a healthy growth in the overall world economy, and that it's in fact poised to exceed the level of growth that we have seen in the past three years. Though the rate of growth will not be anything like that which we saw during the early 2000's it should never the less be encouraging to see.



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