In a world of globalisation and big business, small and medium sized business owners often feel marginalised and unable to compete. Without the budget, expertise and staff, it seems like there is no way to win over customers and expand your business.

However, there are ways for smaller businesses to make their mark and, despite criticism, search engines like Google are finding ways to help. Localised search means that anyone searching for a particular business or product in a local area will be provided with relevant search results, helping small businesses make their mark.

But if small businesses are going to be found, and visited, in this way, it’s important for them to be prepared and offer a customer an experience they won’t forget. This is where the little things matter, and a recent survey in America has revealed that small businesses are winning over big because they are focusing on just this.What Customers WantThe survey from eMarketer found that 52% of customers chose local businesses because they offered a personal service that chain stores, for instance, often do not provide. This highlights the importance of local businesses providing high quality customer service at all times, with highly trained staff that understand the business and the needs of the customer.

It can even be taken further, with staff members learning the names of regular customers and what they order. This allows customer service to be taken to the next level, encouraging people to return again and again – something that is golden for small businesses.

Another factor that small businesses can focus on is the ease with which people can order from them. Often, smaller companies struggle to keep up with technology or cannot offer customers the same experience as larger stores. However, if they can make the whole shopping and transaction process a lot smoother, customers are more likely to buy from them and return.

Numerous surveys have shown that the small things matter to customers, especially when they are growing tired of big business and their apparent disregard for the people that buy from them. All small to medium sized businesses need to do is go back to basics; in a way rolling back time and sticking to the important aspects of commerce. We’ve certainly found this to be true at Pens Unlimited, where we offer the very best service to all our customers

Post By Daniel