Being as it is one of the most fast paced areas of any modern business, you cannot afford to make too many mistakes when it comes to digital marketing, and the worst thing you could do is unknowingly cultivate some online bad habits. Looking in from the outside, it may seem like professional marketeers have been let into some big secret and the rest of us have been left out of the loop, but the fact is they are not doing anything that we cannot do to.

For many businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) their activities online are haphazard and function on a rolling basis of day-to-day trial and error. Any attempt at keeping up with modern business practices is admirable, but sadly when it comes to digital marketing intentions do not count, and one wrong move can see you toward a serious disadvantage, which is why it's important to cultivate these 5 good digital marketing habits for 2015.

Set Your Digital Marketing Goals

Each year needs new goals and aims, which is why planning 2015 for your business should have been done toward the tail end of 2014 or shortly after New Year's, at a push. Planning your digital marketing goals is essential, as is keeping track of them and adapting to new situations and trends. If you are only going to adopt one of these good digital marketing habits, make sure this one is it.

Be A (Digital) Marketing-Orientated Business

Any business that wants to get past its initial stages should understand that they only exist to provide consumers with what they want, and that customer needs come first. You should listen to what they want, not tell them what they need, and thanks to the internet and social media that has never been easier to do.

One of the major things consumers called for in 2014 was mobile-optimisation, and those digital marketers and marketeers with their ear to the ground picked up on this. Now in 2015 a site that is not reactive and does not look good on an iPad or Smartphone is playing second fiddle to those that do.

If you have not already, now is the time to catch up – before you fall too far behind.


Use The Correct Digital Marketing Tools

There are many websites, programs and apps available to help you navigate the treacherous digital marketing waters in which we all must inevitably sail upon. Because there are so many options available a lot of these marketing tools, such as Keyword Eye and Link Sleuth, will offer limited free services, but to really make the most out of these digital marketing resources you will need to pay for their full service.

These tools are designed to help optimise your efforts and save you time, so they are well worth the money in that regard, and maybe once you are more versed in digital marketing matters you can think about reducing your dependency on them.

Keep Up With The Digital Marketing Industry

There are many blogs and websites that discuss and cover the most recent innovations and goings on throughout the world of SEO and online business. Even if it just for an hour a week, reading through some of these blogs and learning about Google's latest penguin 3.0 update, or what is currently considered to be good 'white hat' SEO practice, will go a long way toward ensuring that you and your business will be keyed-into the hottest online trends and prepared for any major upcoming changes.

Analyse The Results Of Your Digital Marketing Effort

Every website should have access to Google Analytics, and anyone interested in digital marketing should be familiar with at least its most basic operations. The things you do to your website and the content you put on it will have far reaching repercussions, and by analysing the results of your activities you can see where you have gone wrong and what you have done well.

As far as cultivating good digital marketing habit goes, checking your site's analytics for its traffic, page views and bounce rate at the start of everyday is definitely a step in the right direction.

Post By Alem