Just as businesses take time and effort over the image of their business in the real world, online branding is an equally important thing to get right. With more and more shopping and browsing done online, the presence and image of a business on the internet is highly important – yet many companies still do not invest in their online brand.

Online branding should be seen as a continuation of your offline image, including the same logo and colour scheme of your business, the same company name and familiar phone numbers and email addresses, among other things. However, if you think that the move online is a time to reinvigorate your business, there is no problem doing that; just make sure that you then take your online branding offline.

So, the first thing to remember is that consistency is key. When people are browsing online they want to be able to trust and rely on the company they are buying from; if they recognise you then you’re already part way to earning that sale. It has been proven through various studies that more people trust a branded website than other forms of online communication, meaning that it is vital for your success in an online world. Other points to consider are:

Get The Logo Right

The temptation for many businesses when they move online is to go for a complete redesign, often starting with the logo. It’s sometimes a good idea to design a new logo for a move online, but it needs to be done professionally so that it presents the right image.

It should be clear, easy to read and instantly let people recognise your business. The temptation is to pack a lot in, but a good font and an informative tagline is all you should need. Anything else will become too busy and may lead to potential customers being put off.

Care What People Think

When you’ve got a presence online it’s much easier for people to damage your reputation than if they have visited your premises. Therefore it’s important to provide an all-round, five star service so that people have little or no reason to complain.

However, there will always be someone that isn’t happy with the service they have received so make sure you regularly monitor your email, website and social media to head off any problems before they become too serious.

The Reality

Many companies, especially smaller, local businesses, become worried when they move to an online platform as it appears a strange and unfamiliar world. However, the same principles apply to running a business online as they do offline.

Just as brand is a vital component of conducting business in day to day life, it is also essential to get right when you have a presence on the web. With a degree of common sense, the business acumen that you already have and maybe some help from a professional, it’s easy to get your online branding spot on.

Post By Daniel