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Social media is a tool that every modern business ought to be using and using well. There are a lot of different social media sites out there, some – such as LinkedIn & Yelp – are aimed at very specific users, whereas others – like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter – are very broad and can appeal to just about anyone who interacts with the world outside their home.

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media outlet at the moment, and with over 757 million daily users, it is imperative that every business has a well developed Facebook page. There is no quick or easy lesson on how to use Facebook, and there is no hard and fast means of directing people to your Facebook page; but that does not mean that we cannot lend you hand.

A big part of developing your Facebook page will come down to trial and error, which can be daunting but so long as you avoid committing any major social media faux pas you should be alright. You can also follow some or all of our Facebook tips, which we have accumulated from personal experience and from other business owners. We're not saying that they are a sure thing, but they should definitely set you on the right course.


  • It's Not About You - Your Facebook page should not be about self-gratification or self-congratulation; it's about those who 'Like' your page. People will Like your page because the content posted on it is interesting to them and appeals to their personal sensibilities, basically they will only Like it because it helps them, not because it helps you.


  • Facebook Doesn't Keep Business Hours - Just because you work Monday to Friday between 9 and 17:30 doesn't mean your Facebook page does. In fact when you think about it these are the worst times to post new content as the majority of other people also work or go to school at these times, so they are less likely to see it. Ideally you would post content continuously throughout the day, but sadly that is terribly impractical.The best thing to do is to work out when those who Like your page are most active and then post new content around that time. This can be done by posting a couple of posts on your Facebook page randomly throughout the day and then seeing how much interaction they get in the form of Likes, shares and views.Facebook Snap
  • A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words - One of the first things we found when we first started learning how to use Facebook was that the majority of people will not read even 10% of what is on their newsfeed. If you want to attract people to your posts you need to make it eye-catching, and what better way is there of doing this than by using images? Facebook is very good in this regard, as when you post an external page link to it an image from the site will be automatically pulled in, and if there is no image present on the page it will give you the option of uploading one.
  • Become A Facebook User -  The easiest way of learning is by doing and you can learn a lot about what Facebook users want by becoming one yourself. Having your own personal page can be incredibly rewarding, and not just professionally; as there are a large number of community and news pages that you can subscribe to quickly and easily, and which in turn will ensure that you are provided with the most up-to-date information on the subjects that you are personally interested in.
  • Direct Users To Your Site - Some people will know about your business before Liking your page and some will learn about it afterwards. Whichever way round it happens is irrelevant, all you have to worry about now is ensuring that they keep coming back. A call to action is a must have on every Facebook page, without it there is nothing to stop people from visiting your Facebook page and then bouncing straight off. People will visit your page because something on it has excited them and grabbed their attention, all you have to do is use this excitement and a well placed “Visit Our Site” or “Find More Here” to direct them to your site.

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  • Be Clear, Concise & Consistent - It is easy to misunderstand things that people say when you can only read their words, which is why it is important to be as clear as possible with your meanings, intentions and actions. It is also important to remember that Facebook is very accessible and anyone who visits your Facebook page will quickly get a impression of your company's brand identity. It's because of this that when we say you have to be clear, we don't just mean you have to avoid potential misunderstandings, but rather you have to present yourself clearly and in a way that does not change from day-to-day. A confused brand identity can be extremely off putting, so make sure everything you post is in keeping with your business' beliefs and ideals; not those of however many individuals are tasked with carrying out your social media.
  • One Last Thing... - We could go on and on, as when it comes to knowing how to use Facebook you can never really know enough. We have already shared 6 Facebook tips with you, but there is still one more thing that we've learned about Facebook which we'd like to share with you; and it is definitely the most important thing.As we have said, Facebook has over 757 million daily users. It can be difficult to do as a business but you need to remember that each one is a unique individual and that they like your page because they are interested in what you have to say; so long as you remember that your Facebook page will be successful.

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Knowing how not to fail on social media will get you far, which is why as well as bearing these Facebook tips in mind, you should keep an eye on our blog page for our upcoming Twitter Tips; which will look at how to use Twitter for business and how to get twitter followers, amongst other things.







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