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How social media is conducted will have a major impact on how a business is perceived by the general public and it is quickly becoming an essential aspect of the modern business' online branding and marketing efforts. When conducted well, social media can provide a myriad of potential benefits to those who utilise it, and in our last post we passed on various Facebook tips that we have accumulated ourselves through trial and error.

This time around we have decide to focus on Twitter, another social media outlet that has over 232 million monthly active users, and 52 million extra who use it a little less religiously. We have been using Twitter since June 2010, so we've been picking up tricks for a little over 4 years, and now we'd like to share some of these Twitter tips with you.

How To Use Twitter For Business

Follow To Be Followed

Twitter has something of an etiquette about it, in that it is generally good manners to follow those who follow you, but as a business you will have to be cautious and contain yourself. You cannot just go around adding everybody on twitter, that will not get you anywhere, instead follow your rivals and competitors and then follow those who follow them – chances are they're interested in your kind of business.

See What Works For Others

Following others in your industry has other benefits, including being able to see what kind of things they are tweeting and how they interact with their followers. Everything that can be done on twitter has been done a long time ago, so don't feel bad for trying out something that is clearly working really well for someone else. After all, chances are they borrowed the idea from somebody else, who borrowed it from somebody else, and so on.


A lot of Twitter users like to look at their feed and see all the things that interest them neatly piled on top of one another, so they are likely to get pretty annoyed if they look at their twitter feed and just see:


You'll be much better off just posting it the once, and then maybe going back to post it again in about a weeks time

It's Not About Selling

Of course as a business all actions you take ought to be profit-driven, but this does not mean that everything has to lead to direct sales. Twitter is an amazing customer service platform, and by being on it you can easily answer questions and address complaints in a manner that is open and highly visible. If gone about in the right way this can go a long way to cultivating customer loyalty, which in turn will lead – indirectly – to more sales.

It's Ok To Break A Few Grammar Rules

If you're replying to another person's question or post other Twitter users will only be able to view it if they're following the conversation from both sides. If you want your reply to be seen by all of your Twitter followers then start your post with a full-stop, as – obviously – this will stop your tweet from begining with the usual @--------; allowing it to be directed to the desired recipient and yet seen by all.

140 Characters Is The Max, Not The Must

Because the longest a tweet can be is 140 characters, any post that utilises all 140 will look relatively wordy in comparison to those that are not. Twitter is all about keeping things brief, so the shorter your tweets the more snappy and captivating they will be to the users of Twitter.

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A Picture Is Worth 70 Characters

We know that an image only takes up 20 of your allotted 140 characters per tweet, but you should never underestimate the value of a good image. Many Twitter users would sooner say all that they can rather than include a picture, so it is easy for Twitter feeds to become little more than a mass of jumbled letters and words. Including an image will not only attract people to your posts but it will force you to be less wordy, which on a social media like Twitter can only be a good thing.

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