The best and most successful way to connect a company with its customers, marketing is an essential part of gathering new business and retaining existing business. Many factors including industry, location, target demographic and others will determine the most successful forms of marketing to invest in, but there are some which can be used to market a brand in even the most competitive climates.

Social Media

Whether your business is an e-commerce business or not, building a good audience on social media is a great way of connecting with existing customers and getting them to spread the word about your products or services. Word of mouth marketing has always been a fantastic help to businesses, and social media works in much the same way. Additionally, it is a transparent and very public platform for customer service. Although initially daunting, dealing with customer comments in such an open forum allows you the opportunity to show off your customer service skills.

Get Mobile

Businesses without a website which can be read on a mobile device are missing out. An increasing number of people are doing their shopping on mobile phones and tablets, and they will favour websites with easily read formats, dedicated mobile sites or responsive design. Of course, this will chiefly affect online businesses who expect their customer demographic to use such methods to buy.

Brand Awareness through Products

Industry will have a huge effect on which marketing techniques have the most success, and if you frequently attend networking events, trade shows, expositions or similar events for your business then promoting your company on products is a great idea.

The real advantage of promotional products such as printed pens is that they have longevity, are inexpensive and can be customised to suit your needs. Custom printed pens are ideal as a trade show freebie, and surveys have shown that they are kept and used by the vast majority of recipients – sometimes for as long as twelve months!

Every business has to review and innovate their marketing technique to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. Look through the rest of our website to learn more about our ranges of printed pens. If you have not previously explored marketing with printed products they may be just the thing to kick-start your brand awareness.

Post By Marc