It is more important than ever to make sure that your business is visible to potential new customers, with an aim to make the most of the post-covid recovery and to combat the rising running costs that many companies are currently experiencing.

There are many things that you can do to promote your business to lots of people, but these can be quite costly. We have put together 5 effective ways to get your company name out into the world, without the huge price tag.

Start a social media campaign

If you run your own social media, this should be a fairly cheap way to advertise your business, aside from the occasional boosted post that you decide to run. You could run a competition across your different platforms, or offer a discount if someone likes and shares your post.

You could also make little videos to display what your company can do, as well as before and after photos if appropriate. Try to keep your postings regular, rather than leave long gaps between, as this will ensure you stay on the popular news feeds.

Hold an event

Sometimes getting people through your door so that you can speak to them face to face is the best way to get their custom. They are more likely to commit to a purchase or an order if they feel they are receiving great customer service from you, something that the human touch can achieve more than email.

Plan regular events where you can get people through the door. This could be a demonstration event, an evening flash sale or a coffee morning where people can ask you for some free advice with a discount to then make a full order. 

Set-up a regular newsletter

Creating a regular newsletter is a great opportunity to make your way into an email inbox, working as a constant reminder that your services are available.

Keep the newsletter fairly short, relevant and fun, with updates on what your company has been working on. You can also include new services that you have coming up, as well as discount codes and offers which may entice people to your store or website.

Get involved in your local community

Supporting your community can be a great way of making your business a household name. Set up stalls at fairs and fun days, where you can strike up conversations with potential customers who will hopefully  be in a good mood.

You can also sponsor local events, which will of course involve a financial outlay, but will ensure that your company name is across posters, leaflets and in newspapers that will be there to report on the day.

Promotional Pens

Everyone loves a free gift, with a promotional pen being something that they will be able to keep and use in the long-term.

Ensure that your company name, branding and contact details are on your personalised pens and hand them out at every opportunity, perhaps giving them to family and friends to hand out in their own workplaces too.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick