Eco-friendly pens are a great way to promote the environmental awareness of any company, something that is highly sought after in this eco-conscious age. Producing some wonderfully stylish and efficient designs, Senator is one brand that is leading the way in biodegradable promotional pens, using sugar cane based plastic as one of its standard materials.

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Here are some of our favourite eco-friendly promotional pens which can be personalised to your requirements with both artwork and text.

Senator Nature Plus Retractable Pen

With a simple barrel and trim, this lovely pen is efficient and biodegradable. The visible parts of the pen are made from sugar cane based PLA plastic, with lots of room on the barrel and clip for your printing requirements.

Senator Super Hit Bio Push Ball Pen

The materials for this stylish pen have been derived from renewable and non-finite raw materials such as sugar cane. It can be custom printed with your own artwork and text, perfect for adding to the biodegradable barrel. 

Senator Skeye Bio Twist Ball Pen

This environmentally friendly promotional pen has been made from biodegradable material, including the colourful barrel and opaque polished white clip. Perfect for creating your own personalised pen.

Post By Kimberley Roderick