It is a nice gesture to treat your employees once in a while, to thank them for the hard work that they do for you. However, it is often the case that these gifts need to cost as little as possible, so it makes sense to use them as promotional tools at the same time.

Offering your employees a promotional gift will not only make them feel appreciated, it will also offer an opportunity to spread your brand name further afield, hopefully drumming up some more business for your company. We have put together 5 promotional gift ideas that will be great for giving to your employees.

Antibacterial Pens

Our wide range of Antibacterial Pens is perfect for businesses who are conscious of helping to stop the spread of bacteria. Particularly popular in medical and paramedical industries, the antibacterial element of these pens is built into the material the pen is made from, so it will not wash off or diminish with use. This makes them ideal for public areas such post offices, shops, banks and many more.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Pens

For those looking to promote the eco credentials of their company or organisation, what better than eco-friendly pens? Our range consists of recycled and environmentally friendly designs so that you can choose one to match your needs and business image. On top of this, we can print on each one with your supplied artwork.

Promotional Pencils

Not only is our range of pencils suitable for offices, they are also great for schools or use at home too. We’ve got everyday standard pencils, packs that are perfect for colouring and even leads for retractable pencils so every base is covered.

Water Bottle

Our promotional Drinkware range has the potential to be on office desks, on gym floors and in peoples hands as they go about their day, spreading your brand name far and wide. 

The stylish promotional water bottles are made from high quality steel, perfect for adding your company name and logo. Using our easy to navigate uploading system, you will be able to proof your design before you go ahead with your order. It will also keep drinks wonderfully fresh and cool, helping to preserve the flavour all day long.

Key Rings and Key Torches

There are some things that you should always have with you, a pen is one of them and a torch is the other. Customisable and available in a range of designs and colour selections, these promotional torches are sure to find their way onto their recipients car keys, or into their bedside drawer.

Post By Kimberley Roderick