We’re already heading towards the end of August, which can mean only one thing…the summer holidays are almost over and it’s time for kids and teachers to get ready for going back to school. 

No matter whether you work in a primary school, secondary school or university, it is essential that classrooms have everything they need for effortless learning. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of style in these tools too, after all, these are items that will be getting daily use both at school and at home.

We have put together our list of essential stationery that every classroom should have on their shelves as the new term begins.

High quality pens

A pen will be the most used item of stationery that children and teachers will use at school, making notes, writing essays and marking tests. A large stock of pens is essential, once you take into account running out of ink, getting lost and the need for different colours for different tasks. Take a look at our wide range of high quality pens that will be perfect for any task and can be ordered in bulk.

Sharpeners, rubbers and rulers

We’ve got rulers, erasers and more to ensure that your stationery cupboard is fully stocked. We’ve got everything you need here at prices that can’t be beaten, with everything in packs that provide value for money. And we’ve got as much variety as possible to meet all needs


Depending on the type of lesson, a pencil can be a welcome addition to any school tool-kit. From writing notes in borrowed books that can then be erased, to drawing diagrams which hold essential information that will need to be referred to at a later date, a high quality pencil that will stay sharper for longer and not break easily is key.


Perfect for making your notes stand out, a variety of different coloured highlighters will prove to be an essential tool in keeping your notes organised. 

Whiteboard Marker Pens

From permanent marker pens to board markers, we’ve got a whole selection for you to choose from here. They are perfect for schools or can even be used in offices or at home for some fun with the kids.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick