If the past 18 months of isolation has taught us anything, it’s how important it is to look after our mental health and wellbeing.

Whether you have been in a home full of people where you can’t find 5 minutes peace, or you’ve been in lockdown completely on your own, it is possible that writing may have been your saving grace. We have taken a look at why writing during times of isolation is so important and why you should give it a try for the sake of your sanity.

What benefits does writing have for my mental health?

Writing offers an excellent way to express yourself, which can help you to deal with a variety of issues;

  • It can help you to prioritise your problems
  • Allows to you relieve anxiety
  • Can help to manage stress
  • Provides an outlet for negative thoughts
  • Gives you an opportunity to identify triggers and symptoms

What should I write?

Absolutely anything! 

  • Creative Writing - You could write a short story, novel or a poem, which will give you something positive to focus on and give you an outlet for your feelings through the eyes of a character you have created
  • Expressive Writing - This is an act of getting your emotions and thoughts onto paper, which can help to alleviate stress, reduce depression and offer an outlet for anger. This could be in relation to a single event that has troubled you or as therapy for more consistent feelings that leave you feeling low
  • Reflective Writing - This is a way of asking yourself questions that can help you to move forward and make improvements in your life, often used by professionals to become more effective in their jobs. It is self-analytical and can increase self-awareness, reducing any stress or depression that may have crept in

How often should I write?

It is recommended that we write down our feelings for between 15 to 20 minutes a day to help us relieve stress and anxiety. But there is no right or wrong answer to this - you should write as much and as often as you want to. 

It does not even need to make sense, as a simple outpouring of what is bothering you can have a soothing effect, clearing your mind of negative things in order to bring some light relief. Whatever you have written is meant for you and you alone, so do not worry about it being grammatically correct or reader-friendly. If you decide to write creatively, then you may wish for others to read your work, which is where you can establish some firmer rules for your presentation.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick