When running a business it is important to understand what creates the largest environmental impact and the best solution to help reduce carbon emissions. There are the obvious culprits such as plastic disposable water cups and not using energy saving lightbulbs, but there are some aspects to your business that are having a great impact on your carbon footprint that you may not even know about. One area of your business that has this sort of impact is advertising and marketing.

Incredibly important for growth, sales and customer recruitment, marketing is an essential for your business. Due to this, it is the most tricky part of your business to cut back on or find more eco-friendly alternatives that still have the same impact. Luckily, here at Pens Unlimited we have a range of ideas that will help you reduce your carbon footprint and even benefit your marketing strategy in the process.

Cut down on paper and print marketing

This may seem like a really easy solution, yet many businesses rely on print media to get their message to their audience. The truth is that print media is being phased out and is being replaced by digital media which helps reduce the use of disposable paper and is seen as even more effective as you are targeting your customers directly helping to narrow your focus on those who are most likely to be interested in your product. Look into Google Adwords and social media marketing and divert budget away from paper production for a much greener campaign.

Offer eco-friendly packaging

If you are a businesses that manufacturers products using disposable packaging, look into more eco-friendly alternatives such as paper or bagasse. Not only does this reduce the impact on plastic and other chemical ridden disposables that are effecting the planet, it also demonstrates that you are a company who is empathetic and is making a conscious effort to change. This in turn provides a good image to customers and could improve customer recruitment.

Look for eco-friendly promotional products

We all like to be given something from a company either after a meeting or as a consumer. If your company distributes these, then make an effort to look for an eco-friendly option such as eco-friendly pens or reusable water bottles. Customers will then be reminded of how much you care about your environmental impact and make that gesture of a promotional product so much more special. Take a look at our range of eco-friendly pens here.

Stay committed

The road to change is often tricky but it is worth it. Ensure that you instil your new environmental polices and initiatives into the fabric of your company and stick with it. Leading by example really is the best way to achieve your goals.

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Post By Lauren Smith