There is no denying that the last 18 months have been very hard for many types of business. With a lack of footfall and for long periods a complete closure of industries, the uncertainty of what the future holds has been at the forefront of employers and employees minds. 

After many months of hardship, we are now at an important turning point. Restrictions are gradually lifting and customer confidence is on the rise, meaning that money is once again ready to be spent. To help your business jump start your summer season, we have put together a few tips that aim to make up for lost time.

Let the world know you’re open

If you have an opening date or are already welcoming customers, make sure that you are advertising that fact.

  • Post on social media in advance of opening, on the day and in the days that follow
  • Put up posters and hand out leaflets, making sure you reach those who are not online
  • Hand out promotional pens with your contact details - if they can’t make the grand reopening then they will have a reminder to make a visit at a later date

Run a special offer

It may surprise you how much people have missed shopping, especially the feeling of getting something for a great price.

  • Advertise a buy one get one free for certain items
  • Offer 10% off the first post-covid purchase
  • Package deals if you buy certain items in a bundle

Adapt to the new way of shopping

Some customers may feel nervous about going back to the high street or entering business premises. If you can prove that you have adapted to the new normal, they may feel more comfortable in visiting you.

  • Try to make more room in your store for people to move around in a socially distanced way
  • Organise a one way system that flows through the store
  • Continue to offer a click and collect service if you set one up during lockdown, or start one now if you didn’t

Trial longer hours to suit your customers

If you are able to extend your opening hours, then run a trial to see how popular it is. Some customers may prefer to shop when they know it will be quieter, extending the footfall.

  • You could open later in the morning and close later in the evening, catching people after they've finished work
  • Try a Sunday opening, as people will be keen to get out at the weekends now that they are allowed
  • Offer out of hours appointments to those who are vulnerable or concerned about being in public spaces so soon

With any luck businesses will not have to wait too long before normal service fully resumes, but in the meantime we hope that these ideas will help to kick-start things and get some money back in your tills.

Post By Kimberley Roderick