If you are setting up an ecommerce business, you may be wondering if you need to invest in promotional products to help advertise your services. 

Arranging for promotional pens to be printed for your company can be incredibly beneficial, as well as cost effective. We have put together a few reasons why using such pens has the potential to help you spread the word for your online business.

They promote brand awareness

One of the main reasons to invest in promotional pens for your online business is simply to get your brand name out there to the public. People may not realise that they need your service until they see your name, so will not necessarily be asking Google to try and find your information. Sometimes we just need a little reminder that we need to buy or fix something, so when someone hands us or sends us a stylish pen which features business details at our fingertips, it can lead us to act on it, or at least to save it for a later date.

Your potential customer is also getting something for free, which we all love to receive if we’re honest. A pen will provide a genuine use to someone, so is less likely to be thrown away or lost in the back of a drawer. Pens are always needed, regardless of this techno-savvy era, so it is the perfect place to add your brand name and wait for the business to roll in.

A reminder even when the laptop is switched off

Many of us are quite forgetful when it comes to following something up. We may have been to a trade fair or exhibition and intended to look into a company that we have seen later on in the comfort of our own homes. The likelihood is that we will be distracted with other things and the name of the business will completely leave us, as will the intention to look into it further. However, if your ecommerce company is attending an event armed with promotional pens, your potential clients can simply take one and use it as a functional business card. 

This could also be the case if you were to send out your pens by post with your promotional literature. Your advertising leaflet may end up in the recycling bin, but your branded pen will remain on a desk and can be referred to a later date. Not everyone will want to turn their laptop on and research you straightaway, so this is a great way to remain in their memory.

They can reach those who are not online

Not everyone has access to the internet, such as the older generation who may prefer to keep things simple. However, if they are looking for a particular service or shop, your pen may lead them to think about going online, or asking someone else to help them to access your website. It is a way of engaging with real people of all ages and backgrounds, those who do not have a reason or the will to be online, but who require a particular service that they have been unable to find anywhere else.


Give your promotional pens to staff members so that they can hand them out to friends and family or to strategically leave them in an area where they think your potential client base may be. Order your pens in bulk so that you can keep the cost low, as well as ensuring that you always have enough to hand out if the occasion arises. Click here to order your first batch of promotional pens and see what a difference it can make to your ecommerce company. 

Post By Kimberley Roderick