There have been many studies into how colour can influence your mood. Many magazines have published articles on how to decorate your home using colours that will improve your aura, or which colours of clothes you should wear to make you feel good and to help you get what you want in life.

So why stop there? We spend many hours of our lives sat at a desk, at work, school or university, so it makes sense that we should colour our stationery and workspaces to influence our moods. Colour therapy has certainly increased in popularity over the past few years, visible in the amount of adult colouring books that are available. If this has the potential to make us more relaxed, more creative and increase productivity, then it’s certainly worth trying to colour code our lives!

Here are some of the main colours which can influence our mood in a positive way.



This is great for raising enthusiasm and for focusing attention. Bold colours in general will work to inspire you!



A colour for inspiring creativity, this will also leave you feeling tranquil and balanced in your work.



Shades of purple bring with them a positive vibe. It will make us curious and focused, bringing with it a little bit of wisdom...yes please!



In a similar way to orange, red will make us feel motivated and enthused. It is also the colour of warmth, passion and excitement, making it particularly good for creative environments.



Calmer than the bold oranges we mentioned earlier, citrus is a more muted colour on the scale, which includes lemon. This will influence our inner strength and boost energy, making us feel vibrant as we go about our day.



Working to improve our energy and health, green is a colour that gets us back to nature. It is positive in it’s mood, encouraging us to look up from our desks and take in the world around us.



This colour is widely linked with happiness, warmth and energy. It lightens our mood instantly, reminding us of sunny days and holidays, which gives us something to aim for on busy, stressful days.



These soft colours can make you feel like you are in control and at peace. They give our senses an opportunity to rest from the bold, brash colours that surround us in everyday life, bringing balance to our mind, body and soul.


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Post By Kimberley Roderick