In order to develop the most effective promotional materials for your business, it is important to establish your brand identity. This includes the logo of your company, as well as deciding what your values are and how you portray this to your customers. It can take many hours of planning and reworking your ideas before you are satisfied that your brand identity is absolutely perfect, but this will be important time spent in creating something that will in the long run bring you custom and respect in your line of business.

To help you get started we have put together a few pointers that can enable you to develop a brand identity that will see your company through many years of successful trading.

Follow the trend

It is important to keep your business up to date with what is going on in the world, focusing your branding on things that will relate to public opinions and the needs of the time. This could be anything from advertising that you are an environmentally conscious company whose products are made from sustainable materials, to shouting about the fact that all of your food items are gluten free or low in calorie.

This is information that can draw customers to you, potentially putting you ahead of the competition. To ensure that these facts have the biggest impact, try to include it on any brand material that you develop, such as promotional pens and brochures. Think of a short and snappy way to get this message across, using it as a tagline for your company's name.

Put your customer first

If you are trying to attract people to use your business, you need to make it clear that they are the most important person you will deal with on that day and going forward. People expect excellent customer service and will often cut ties with someone who ignores queries and complaints. 

Ensure that you always respond when a customer asks you a question, even if it is to acknowledge their request and say that you will get back to them when you have found out the answer. Add your contact details to all of your promotional items, in a clear format that makes it obvious you are always contactable and willing to assist.

Listen to your customers if you plan to make changes

Remember that your customer is a person and not just a number. Hopefully they will offer you repeat business over the years and will recommend you to others for a service that they enjoy using. So don’t be surprised if customers leave you if you suddenly change your tagline to something that has a completely different focus to that which you started with. 

Customers like to feel valued and will not hesitate to move elsewhere if you change your identity. For example, if you have always advertised that you only sell products that are handmade in the UK, to change your business model to sourcing factory made items from a country that usually mass produces. You will have lost what makes you unique and will have missed out on an opportunity to market yourself towards a large customer base that looks for those special purchases. 

Brand identity is extremely important for all businesses. Be sure to focus on all of the elements that surround your brand logo, with close attention to your customers needs and an effort to fulfil everything that you promise them. Once you know that your company is capable of this, get the company name out there, with high quality promotional pens that we can supply for you.

Post By Kimberley Roderick