With life slowly returning to normal, now is a great time to have a real marketing boost for your business. People are keen to get out and spend once again, so if you can put your company name into a potential customers hand, you can increase your chances of bringing them to you for a sale.

We have put together some of our top selling promotional pens, in stylish designs that can be customised with your brand name and details.

Eco Retract Recycled Cardboard Pen

Made from recycled cardboard with a neutral coloured tip, a clip and a button, these custom pens are perfect for an environmentally conscious business.

Image Curvy Colour Retractable Pen

One of our most popular pens, this is available in a variety of bright and vivid colours that will catch the eye.

Image Curvy White Retractable Pen

With a curvy white barrel and a soft grip in various colours, this promotional branded plastic pen is a good choice for selling your company to prospective clients.

Espace Extra Twist Pen

Simple yet effective, these plastic promotional pens are a good choice for those who are looking for excellent value for money.

Image Curvy Clear Retractable Pen

Finished with a chrome metal tip, button and trim, these custom printed pens come with a translucent curvy barrel and soft grip,

Oasis Extra Twist Pen

Oasis Extra personalised pens are instantly recognisable and synonymous with quality, making them a great choice for new and established businesses alike.

Flamenco Stick Pen

One of the most basic promotional pens, the Flamenco is a good choice if you're looking for branded pens that provide excellent value for money.

Post By Kimberley Roderick