When you start a small business one thing that you must not underestimate is the value of good marketing. There are so many ways to use marketing effectively to create a memorable campaign that can bring in more sales, but some of them require a fairly chunky investment. Others, such as promotional pens, are much more value for money, and need no extensive training or industry experts behind them.

Promotional pens, therefore, are an excellent investment when it comes to marketing your business.

Money Saving

From a budget point of view, one of the main benefits of promotional pens for small businesses is that they don’t cost much in terms of investment. When you first open your new business it’s likely that your spending budget will be fairly small, so that means looking for inexpensive, innovative ways to get your company name out there and seen.

Promotional pens will work for you. They are sold in bulk, meaning that the cost per unit is very low. Yet you can give them out one by one, meaning that their return is potentially very high. Plus, promotional pens work out cheaper than print or radio advertising, for example.


A Mobile Advert

Promotional pens can travel for miles from where you first handed them out, with the potential to be seen by many people along the way. Featuring your name, phone number, website and a tagline of your business in an attractive design can mean that it is effectively a walking advertisement. Every time the person you gave the pen to uses it, they will be reminded of what you do, perhaps consciously, perhaps subconsciously. When they do need your services, your name will be the first that comes to mind. Plus, when they use it in front of other people, they’ll see who you are too.


They Will Be Used

There are many different ways to promote your business, but with a promotional pen you are offering your potential and current customers something that is actually functional and will be used, daily in some cases. This gives the product added value because your customers will appreciate being given something they can actually keep.


Where To Use Your Promotional Pens

The first place to giveaway promotional pens for as much exposure as possible is at the checkout in your physical shop. You will be able to give each customer a pen after they’ve paid; you can just drop it into their bag, or hand it over with their receipt. If you don’t have a brick and mortar store it’s not a problem. Assuming you post your products out, you can include a pen in the parcel. If you offer a service rather than an actual product, you can offer a pen when you ask your client to sign a contract. Once it’s done, you can tell them to keep it, giving them a extra little gift as a thank you.

Networking is essential in business and there are many networking groups that you might attend in order to boost your sales and people’s awareness of what you do. If that’s the case, you’ll be handing out a lot of business cards. But so will everyone else. If you want to stand out and be remembered, why not hand out stylish promotional pens instead? A business card can easily get lost, tucked into a wallet and never looked at, thrown away or onto a messy desk…but a pen is useful. That will go into a pocket or bag to be used, setting you apart and keeping your name and details in your clients’ minds.


How Many Pens Should You Order?

There are a number of different factors to consider when deciding how many pens to order. Order too few and you’ll need to top up, which is a more expensive way than buying a bigger bulk to start with. Order too many and you could be left with a lot of leftover pens.

It’s important to look at your place of business and work out how many meetings and networking events you are going to be attending. Then you’ll want to see how many orders you are fulfilling or how many people are coming into your shop. After that, you should have some spares in case they are needed for other reasons. You might decide to sponsor a local sports team, for example, and you’ll need pens to give out to everyone involved.

When you have those figures, you’ll have a much better idea of how many pens to order.



Promotional pens can really boost your business sales and profits when used in the right way. Order attractive, good quality pens such as the Image Curvy Frost Retractable Pen or the Guestpen Silver Twist Pen to ensure that you really stand out.






Post By Kimberley Roderick