Our society is increasingly concerned with saving the environment and sustainable living. Going green are words that often creep into conversation, to suggest a new way of saving energy or up-cycling old materials.

Some may roll their eyes in disinterest, but in reality the world is more conscious of the benefits of eco-friendly living, with millions of pounds invested into ‘saving the planet.’ But what are the benefits for your business becoming eco-aware and how can something as small as an eco-friendly pen make a big difference to the way your environmental footprint is viewed by customers?

Advantages of Being Eco-Friendly

The way that people view your business is important. With the increasing trend in fighting climate change and reducing our footprint, this is a crucial time to make your mark and advertise that you are an environmentally conscious business.

It is the perfect PR tool, to be known as a company who cares about the environment and the future of the planet. It displays a sense of empathy and shows that you are capable of planning for the long term.  

Advertising that your business uses environmentally friendly methods may help to attract a new customer base. It is also a great way of starting conversations. For instance, if you hand out an eco-friendly promotional pen at an event, such as a Woodone Sustainable Wood Retractable Pen, the beautiful wood finish is sure to raise a compliment. This creates an opportunity to engage the person in a chat, potentially securing a future client.


Does Eco-Friendly Mean Cost Friendly?

In the past being eco-aware was considered an expensive venture, with companies opportunity overcharging on products that you could purchase cheaply from a less environmentally conscious company. These days being eco-friendly is not seen as such a novelty, therefore prices have stabilised at a reasonable level.  

The world is becoming less dependant on natural resources, which means that companies who continue to rely on them will face increasing costs due to the rarity of those materials. So a business who uses sustainable or recycled resources will on the whole pay less. For example, a 90% Biodegradable Frosted Retractable Pen could work out at just 79p per pen when you order 50, including your own custom artwork printed on the side.

Being made from reusable sources does not mean that you are compromising on the quality. Manufacturers know the importance of keeping their standards high and will often try to incorporate more ethically aware ways of making their products.


Make your Mark

Adding your own custom designed artwork to the side of your eco-friendly pen is great for being remembered when a potential client leaves your event stand or open evening. They will not only remember your logo and brand, but they will also remember you for your interest in the environment. When they go to use your Recycled Newspaper Pencil, with the name of your company along the barrel, they will appreciate the thought that you have put into something so basic and make them wonder what else your business stands for.


The Power of the Pen

Improving sustainability for the planet will improve sustainability for your business. As we go forward, the government and leading green groups will only push harder for changes to be made to the way we live, that is likely to affect the way we do business. So act now and make subtle changes that will help to increase your social responsibility, which lets face it, clients will love. They want to be associated with a company who cares about them and about the planet. Going green means going up in the world!

Post By Kimberley Roderick