Over the last few years the term 'pop up' has become increasingly popular in retail circles. It has been proven as a great way to test new business ideas without a large outlay of funds or too much commitment in the early stages.

What does pop up shop mean?

A pop-up shop is a transportable stall that you can literally set up anywhere. It could also be based inside an empty shop or in the walkways of a mall, essentially a place that has foot traffic. It is seen as a new and exciting way to bring ideas to a new audience, creating a buzz that can make your products or service seem more exclusive. This is a great way to test new ideas before committing to them longer term, a cost friendly way to gain customer feedback.

Where can I have a pop up shop?

A pop-up shop can be pretty much anywhere that you can receive foot traffic. You will need to ask permission from whoever owns the land, to ensure that you are not breaking any laws. This means planning ahead for your pop-up event, as gaining permission could take some time if your request has to go through several channels. You could even organise a pop-up inside a window, perfect for displaying your products to sell either there and then or with details of how to order later.

How to organise a pop up shop

Begin by deciding what it is you’d like to display on your pop-up, then establish the pros and cons of going ahead so that you can be sure that you are gaining something out of it. Try to tailor your location to the products that you are selling so that you can be sure of maximum exposure. After you have gained the relevant permission to set-up at that location, borrow or invest in some sturdy table equipment that will be easy to carry to your spot. Be aware that electricity may not be available to your stall, so keep this in mind as you look for your location. Also ensure that you have a secure way of storing any money safely, as it will be unlikely that you have a fully operational till system that is portable.

Get the word out

One of the keys to a successful pop-up is to create a buzz around it. Post on all of your social media sites that you will be popping up at your chosen location and that there will be new and exciting products available. Or perhaps advertise a special offer that can be used at your pop up on that day only. You could also hand out some promotional pens from your stall, so that any new customers know exactly where to come should they like what you are offering.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick