Giving out promotional pens at an event or to customers who have used your services is a great way of pushing your company name out into the world. It can be an easy and affordable promotional tool, which you can have made in large or small batches, in designs that can be re-worked each time you order.

For a promotional pen to be effective in advertising your company to its fullest potential, it is vital to include some important details on the barrel. There are three areas of information that you should look at in particular, as anything more can risk the pen looking over crowded and unclear. You will need the pen to get straight to the point and look streamlined, so look at using a clear font and as few long words as possible.

Company Logo

Sometimes a company is known simply by its logo. If this is the case, then you should absolutely include this in the design of your pen. Many logos will have the company name worked into it somehow, which will obviously save space. If you do not have a logo, then the company name must be featured clearly. You can experiment before ordering with different colours and backgrounds, which will help you to envision what you'd like the end result to be. It may even inspire you to come up with a logo if you didn’t have one before. 

Website Address

Your potential customers will need a way of contacting you, so this is crucial information to include on your pen. A website address can be very effective here, as it can be looked at in the person's own time and will link them directly to all of the details that they will need to know about your business. If you don't have a website, then a phone number is a must. Ensure that each time you order a batch of pens that the phone number is up to date as this can often change over the years, especially if it is a mobile number.


If your company has a slogan that is synonymous with only you, then you should try to include this if you have room. If your slogan is very long then this might not be possible. If you don’t already have a slogan, but you have room to spare, perhaps try to think of something short, snappy and memorable that you can use.

Remember that you can say a lot in a small amount of space, so take some time to try out different designs before ordering and you will end up with the perfect marketing tool that you can give out to thousands of potential customers. 

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Post By Kimberley Roderick