As the years have gone by you may have noticed that your letterbox has seen less and less handwritten letters and cards. Emails are seemingly more efficient, with instant receipt and without the cost of postage, but sometimes you require a personal touch that the digital age can just not supply. 

With Christmas just around the corner, we have put together 4 reasons why you should still send handwritten cards and letters. 

The personal touch

There is nothing quite like a handwritten letter or card to show someone that you care. It shows that you have spent time and effort in choosing, writing and sending the letter, which can make the recipient feel appreciated and loved.

They can become keepsakes 

It’s a lovely thing to be able to look back at letters and cards from loved ones years after they have been sent. This is much harder to do with an email, as they often get overlooked within the constant stream of communication and do not offer the emotional pull that a handwritten note can give.

It is good for your own mental health

Many people find that writing is a good stimulant for the brain and especially good for our mental health. This can of course be carried out on a computer keyboard, tablet or phone, but it is much more therapeutic to write by hand, allowing you to think about what you are saying and making it much more personal than it may have been if you were typing.

People will look forward to receiving them

Even though Christmas cards are sent less and less these days, people do look forward to receiving them during the festive season. Sometimes it may be the only contact that two people have throughout the whole year, so it may even be a written letter inside a card that gives an update on life. 

Merry Christmas to all of our customers!

Post By Kimberley Roderick