At 12:00 on Monday the 15th Promotional Product Week officially begins and as an online retailer of promotional pens we could not be more excited! In fact it would not be exaggerating to say that we're quite literally counting down the minutes – 4 days, 1 hour and 37 minutes, just in case you were wondering.

The reason we love Promotional Products Week so much is that it is a celebration of everything we stand for and it helps to build awareness of the importance of promotional products, the role that they play in growing small and medium-sized enterprises, and that they are not just tools which can only be afforded and implemented effectively by big corporations that can afford to pour millions into their promotion and advertisement budget.

The significance of promotional products, such as personalised pens, and the impact that they can have on a business' success is visible from just a glimpse at the statistics which Promotional Products Week is concerned about making apparent, for example:

  • 89% of customers given a promotional gift will keep it
  • 3 in 10 customers will change who they purchase goods from in order to benefit from promotional products
  • TV, print and web advertisement results in only half the custom that promotional products produce
  • Giving promotional products is an effective means of cultivating brand loyalty, 3 times more in fact than web, direct mail and TV advertising

These are only a small sample of the statistics that PPW is concerned with making known, and it is clear that, compared to other methods of promotion and advertisement, promotional products are an efficient and cost effective means of growing a strong customer base.

This will be the second official Promotional Products Week, and due to its success in 2013 it looks like this year is going to be attract a lot more interest from a lot more people. The size of this year's event is clear just by looking at some of the big names that are sponsoring it, including Rubik's Promotion, Fruit Of The Loom, Collins, and other renowned manufacturers of promotional products.

To learn more about promotional products and promotional products week, visit and keep an eye on our blog page for regular new posts and news, relevant to business, marketing, promotional products, and, of course, pens!

4 days, 1 hour and 09 minutes


Post By Alem