Here at Pens Unlimited we specialise in…pens. We think they’re great promotional products – simple, cheap and easy to distribute among potential customers. However, there is a whole world of unique promotional products out there which are completely different from the norm and are guaranteed to provoke a reaction.

Because some of them are so weird, wonderful and unique, we thought we’d show you some of our favourites.

Magic 8 Ball

Who doesn’t love a magic 8 ball? We certainly do! But have you ever considered them as a unique promotional product? Of course they’re going to be quite expensive but they’re perfect for a smaller occasion where you really want to impress potential customers. They’re sure to go away with your brand name at their fingertips.

USB Desk Lamp

Sometimes the more gimmicky a promotional product is, the more people will remember it. In reality, not many people will have need for a small, USB-powered desk lamp; however, it’s sure to be something they remember for a long time – meaning they’ll remember your brand too.

Lip Balm

This one is likely to have a very specific target market, but get it right and you can put your brand in front of the right people. For women especially, lip balm is likely to be something that is used daily so your brand will always be there.

Torch Keyring

While still being described as unique, a torch keyring is actually one of the most useful promotional products you can provide. Because of its handy nature, it’s incredibly likely that your customer will use it and therefore be reminded of your brand.

Ice Scraper

Talk to any car owner and they will say they’ve needed a car windscreen scraper but not had one to hand. Therefore it makes a fantastic unique promotional product, making an appearance every winter to keep your name at their fingertips.

Post By Daniel