With the advent of the mobile computing, smart phones, tablets and social media having your business in the public eye is more important than ever before. Using the internet it is possible for people to see, or at least perceive, how well a business is doing very easily; which is why we have covered in previous posts how to successfully implement social media, what social media faux pas to avoid, the importance of blogging, proper blogging etiquette and so on.

Having a business representative simply attend an exhibition is going to have a positive impact on brand recognition and growth, but this impact will be nothing compared to that seen by the businesses that actually exhibited; especially if they had established a good quality display stand. Setting up the perfect exhibition stand is actually very easy, in fact the only thing that makes it difficult is the amount of space you are given and knowing what things it is necessary to populate a exhibition stand with.

How to Promote Your Business At Exhibitions

Fortunately we have some tips that we're happy to share and the first thing we're going to say is arguably the most important; size does not matter. Space at exhibitions can be costly and though you may be thinking the bigger and more ostentatious the better, exhibitions are more about location than size.

Remember, there is no point having a grand exhibition stand if you're located in the furthest corner of the hall, where the footfall tends to be limited to those who are just wondering around to kill their afternoon. You would be much better off paying the same amount for half the space but nearer to the hall's entrance or main thoroughfare.

The second thing you should know is that it is possible to have a good looking exhibition stand and not spend a fortune. The cost of paying for professional exhibition stand service includes a lot of things, the price of the manufacturing materials, the transport, the labour and possibly just for having them during their peak time of the year.

The materials normally used to create exhibition display stands, usually acrylic or PVC boards, are relatively inexpensive and there are websites that you can order the materials from and have them delivered right to you. Then all you need to do is buy or hire some tools, have a look at one of the many exhibition stand design instructions on the internet, follow their instructions and you will soon find that you'll have saved hundreds of pounds; which will easily off-set the time you spent.

It is important not to clutter up your stand with needless product displays, tables, chairs, etc. as exhibitions are all about making initial contact. You do not want to invite people to sit down and engage in an lengthy chat, as whilst you're engaging one person you will be missing out on other opportunities. If you do suspect that there is potential in one of the conversations, you want to aim to build a rapport quickly and agree to meet up and discuss things at a later date; thereby ensuring that they're also interested in developing a relationship outside of the exhibition setting.

Personalised Pens & Corporate Gifts


When you come away from an exhibitions you will want to be leaving with a long list of new contacts and possible leads, but that will also be the intention of everyone else; both attendees and exhibitors alike. So to ensure that your business does not get lost in a sea of other companies, all vying for attention and new business, you have to make an impact.

Every exhibitor will turn up with a small forest's worth of business cards and catalogues, so to stand out you'll have to take it that one step higher. When it comes to making sure that your business remains in the mind of those you have met nothing works quite as well promotional products. Research has shown 80% of people will hold on to the promotional products they are given, which is why personalised pens and corporate gifts are such a worthwhile investment.

Businesses that attend exhibitions but take no steps toward standing out are, for the most part, doomed to obscurity; to the point where attending exhibitions will be all but fruitless for the majority. It is strange to think that something as simple as a promotional pen can make the difference between being a forgettable brand or becoming a recognised one, but research has shown that this is very much the case.

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