We offer over 660 promotional products on Pens Unlimited, including personalised pens, branded office stationery and an assortment of customisable keyrings, torches and pocketknives; so it is safe to say that there is definitely something special about the thirty-seven product listed amongst our best sellers. From twist-action plastic pens available in a variety of colours to eco-friendly retractable pens made from recycled cardboard, the best selling promotional pens on Pens Unlimited have proven themselves over and over again thanks to their versatility, quality of writing and – of course – their ability to be printed on and branded.

Eco Retract (Cardboard) Black Clip Retractable Pen

The ability to act as an effective substrate for corporate branding is not only a characteristic that all of our best selling promotional pens share, but one that they all excelled at. The pen's barrel is always the primary area when it comes to personalisation, but a number of these branded pens also offer secondary customisable areas, such as the clip, which can also be printed on. The benefit of this secondary customisable area is that the additional printing space opens up a wide range of potential branding opportunities beyond the standard placement of a company name and logo – the possibilities of which we explore in a previous blog.

There is something remarkable about each and every one of these promotional pens; for instance the Image Curvy range of personalised pens can accommodate digital full colour printing, which enhances the quality of the customised branding by allowing photos and other intricate images to be imposed directly on to the pen's body. This makes the Image Curvy range exceptional when it comes to corporate branding, as you can literally print anything on them – be it a simple 2-colour company name or a complex logo with a rainbow's worth of colour.

What's more, digital full colour printing provides incredibly accurate results with exceptional clarity and will instantly stand out against the pen's barrel and base colour; making them more likely to attract the attention of those whose glance would otherwise pass right over them. The reason why the Image Curvy range of promotional pens is considered to be the perfect substrate for digital full colour printing is that their barrels, whilst ergonomically designed and comfortable to write with, are relatively broad; which allows for larger, more detailed designs to be effectively printed on to them

New Best Selling Promotional Pens

Our branded pens have to meet a very stringent set of criteria for us to consider them a best selling promotional pen, so it is always exciting for us to announce when one of our pens make the grade. Recently however not one but two of our personalised pens have qualified to become listed amongst our best selling range of promotional pens; and both are from the Image Curvy range.

Image Curvy Frost Retractable Pen


Similar in many was to the original Image Curvy Retractable Pen, this best selling promotional pen has a comfortable grip, a frosted coloured body and metallic details. Available in ten colours and with full digital colour printing, because the barrels of these personalised pens are translucent rather than opaque a small amount of light is able to pass through them and make what ever is printed on them stand out that little bit more.

Image Curvy Colour Retractable Pen


Unlike the Image Curvy Frost Retractable Pen, this best selling promotional pen has an opaque coloured body and its grip is neutrally coloured, which works to frame the barrel and draw attention to the design that is printed upon it. Also featuring metal clips, tips and trimmings, the Image Curvy Colour Retractable Pen is available in ten different colours and with full digital colour printing.

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