Promotional pens are like the party-favours for conferences and large corporate events. Small, sleek and professional looking, personalised writing tools have been the go-to route for brand awareness and subtle marketing for decades. Although some companies are now relying on overtly branded apps and coupon codes, the classic promotional pen is still the number one choice for many 21st century businesses. Every desk in every office will always need a go to pen so here we are going to look in to how effective promotional pens are to your business.



Whats The Evidence?

The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) have conducted much research into promotional merchandise over the years, here's a few interesting points:
  • In a survey of 1244 business people in a range of roles and industries, 89% of them reported having a promotional pen on their desk right now. A clear winner over second place (promotional mugs) which scored 65%.
  • When asked if they could only keep one item of promotional merchandise, again the pen was the winner.

What does a promotional pen accomplish?

It doesn’t matter whether a promotional pen bears your company logo or something a bit more personalised, the effect is the same - brand recognition. Marketing 101 dictates that the more people who see your company name the better your business will perform, especially when they see it often. Promotional items in general are a great way to slide your business name and logo under everyone’s everyday gaze, and pens in particular are still so essential round the office and home.


How should my company give them out?

It’s no good having a box of well designed, customised promotional pens if you have no way to get them into the hands of potential clients. How you ultimately distribute them will depend on your business and available resources, but the most popular places include:
  • Trade Shows
  • Community Events
  • Client Meetings
  • Workshops
  • As a free gift with purchases
  • Training Days
The way in which you distribute your promotional pens can hugely affect the way a potential client or customer remembers and approaches your business. Simply leaving them in a box to be picked up by passers by won’t be nearly as effective as personally sending them out or distributing them by hand at a trade show. It's also worth bearing in mind that "Would you like a free pen?" is an easy way to start a conversation with a passer-by at tradeshows and exhibitions.


What type of pens should I use?

Promotional pens can range greatly in cost depending on the quality, material and style of pen. We recommend choosing a promotional pen which matches your brand and your target market.  Among our collection alone, you can find brightly coloured plastic pens for fun and energetic brands, eco-friendly pens if your brand is environmentally conscious, highlighters if you want to go with something altogether different, and even engraved fountain pens for your most valued business partners.

Having a promotional pen that is able to last and retain a long-term visual presence in the eyes of valuable partners is the key to successful marketing, and will ultimately end up a better investment than any instantly forgotten promotional offer or gimmicky download.

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Post By Rebecca Clark