Experts say that your handwriting can say a lot about your personality, but what about the way that you use your pen? Do you have particular habits that seem to surface when you are writing, using either a pen or pencil?

We have taken a closer look at what the most common pens habits say about you!

Chewing your pen

The act of chewing a pen can be a signal of stress or anxiety. It is a way of self-comforting, in the same way that children suck their thumb, a way to release tension especially when you are confined to a certain space for an amount of time. 

The way that you grip your pen

We all have a way of holding a pen that we find the most comfortable. If you hold yours with a tight fist and apply lots of pressure to the page, it is thought that you are deeply emotional and have a desire to be protected. If you curl your fingers tightly underneath when you are writing, it is believed that you are charming and creative. A loosely held grip that seems to be perfectly placed suggests that you are confident and comfortable with who you are. Which one describes you best?

Clicking your pen

If you are someone who will sit and click their pen repeatedly, it is thought that you are a daydreamer and are a little bit complicated. You get bored easily and can be frustrated as you like to get tasks done quickly.

Storing your pen

Once you have finished writing, what do you do with your pen? If you store it away neatly it shows that you are a perfectionist who has high standards. If the opposite is true of you and you discard your pen freely, you are considered to be a free spirit, with little regard for objects and having no bond with them at all.

Post By Kimberley Roderick