In times of hardship, many businesses look to make savings in as many places as possible, quite understandably. However, there is one place that companies look to withdraw when in fact they should almost be doing the opposite. We are, of course, talking about marketing.

When everyone is tightening their purse strings, competition between businesses within the same sector becomes even fiercer as you’re competing for what’s likely to be fewer customers. This makes it vital that your brand is the first that comes to mind for potential customers, whether you’re selling software, building supplies or children’s toys.

So, we know that competition is fiercer and getting your name out there is essential, and with money being tight it’s important to make the most of any budget you do have. To that extent, there are few better ways to make the most of your advertising or marketing spend than promotional pens. With the right choices and the right distribution, they are a cost-effective and long-term way of putting your brand in front of people…and at their fingertips.

Let’s examine some of the reasons why promotional pens are a great choice for any marketing department.


Another word people use here is cheap, but we think that gives the wrong message. Because promotional pens are bought in bulk, the cost of producing them is greatly reduced. That means that they are a great way of getting a lot for your money, allowing your budget to stretch even further while still reaching a vast number of people.


The great thing about pens, perhaps more than any factor, is that they are incredibly long-lasting. Once you’ve put a pen in front of someone, the likelihood is that it will stay there for a very long time, whether they use it regularly or not. And the longer it’s in front of them, the more likely they are to think of your business next time they need something.


Everyone needs a pen, right? We’ve all been there, sitting at our desk and not being able to find a pen we had two minutes ago. By putting your pen in front of people, not only is the brand there but you become associated with being useful and reliable in the mind of the user. Instead of sending out furry logo bugs that often end up in the bin, picking something usable is far more cost-effective.


Small and unobtrusive, pens are incredibly easy to send out to customers and potential clients. Whether you’re sending them out individually or in bulk, they are a great option for distributing quickly and efficiently, making your budget stretch even further.

Post By Daniel