The recession might technically have passed but businesses are still tightening their belts…or at least aren’t willing to splash the cash just yet. However, it’s important for companies, no matter the industry, to continue promoting themselves to create new custom and engage with those who have already used their services.

Despite this, it’s still difficult to convince managers, resource departments or the financial director to release funds for promotional products, especially when it can be quite difficult to measure your ROI. Nevertheless, with careful product placement and by sending promotional gifts to the right people your business should benefit.

To that extent, here are our top reasons why using promotional products is only beneficial to a company.

Brand Awareness

Brand has never been more important in business than it is today. With small businesses closing on a regular basis in favour of big brands, it’s important to create that name for your business. The company name should become your brand name so people need to be constantly reminded of it.

By using promotional products to keep your brand at people’s fingertips or in their subconscious, you are constantly developing your brand name. Combined with other successful marketing techniques, you’re putting yourself ahead of the competitor.

Attracting New Customers

There is one thing that promotional products all have in common, no matter what products you choose, whether it’s pens, key rings or mouse mats. And that is that they generally stay around for a long period of time. If it’s a pen, it could be in use for a year or so, USB sticks even longer.

This means that you have a long period of time to attract new customers. If you give away a pen now, you might benefit from it six months down the line. The important phrase that people in the know use here is a ‘gift with acquisition’ – basically providing a gift now and acquiring a customer for the future.

Low Cost, High Value

As a general rule, promotional products offer a wide choice and exceptional value for money. There is a huge range of products for businesses to choose from, enabling you to really tailor your offering to suit your client base. And as with anything in life, you get what you pay for.

So, if you’re looking to launch a huge marketing campaign in the local area, you’ll be able to purchase 10,000 low cost pens. If you want to run something more targeted, buying a selection of printed mugs for existing clients will still come in at a relatively low cost for the value these clients bring to your business.

For any business, whether small or large, promotional products are a great way to get the brand name in front of existing and potential customers. And as we’ve discussed before, these kinds of products work and come at a cost that’s affordable to most. In a climate where every business has to scrap and fight for every piece of custom they can get, promoting a brand is now more important than ever.

Post By Daniel