We are constantly trying to figure out better ways of improving ourselves, promoting business and keeping things fresh. The concept of change is simply part of human life, from the moment we get dressed in the morning, to the moment we decide to move house. It’s the same with branding; there may be things you need to keep, update or add to.

However, this does not mean it is acceptable to go crazy with your rebranding ideas. Essentially, you should try and keep things, such as your logo, as consistent as possible so that people can recognise and trust you. The key is to have a new ‘makeover’ that is up-to-date, captivating and attractive.

Offer Promotional Products
An exceptionally effective way of marketing, promotional products add a hint of colour and a personal touch to your marketing. Usually imprinted with a company’s name, logo or slogan, they will attract people’s attention from the palm of their hands.

Shift The Look
It is not necessary to change your logo, but it is a good idea to change the tone and look. Even the smallest change can make an impressive difference to the eyes of existing or potential customers.

Make Messaging Work
Fresh text and colouring will make a positive impact on the overall brand image. Although easier said than done, you want to choose inspiring words that are sure to give the customer food for thought.

Improve Your Design
A clear, bold visual layout will be much more striking to a customer than something that is over-complicated and confusing to read. The simpler the design, the more memorable it will be for the reader while retaining recognition between old and new.

Updating your brand image is not easy. A successful campaign demands a fresh vision that keeps people interested whilst also attracting new clients. It requires much more than just a revamped logo. Creating a new way to revive your brand may make it stronger than ever, so make sure it is entirely worth the effort.


Post By Ruby Lovell